virtual territory 1.0

virtual territory 1.0 is a combination of computer game and virtual-life simulation. Its habitat consists of a rectangular area that is inhabited by black and white electronic avatars. Visitors can participate in the game by pressing the installations button. The visitor then becomes an avatar and must endure in the fight for survival. Life in vt 1.0 abides by the following rules:

1. All avatars move to the next field once per round.
2. If an avatar is overtaken by three opponents, it dies.
3. New avatars always belong to the minority.

As a result, an endless battle for dominance in the limited habitat ensues. The more avatars are in the game, the more they fight each other the game never stops. Each avatar represents a visitor.
At birth, vt 1.0 creates a printout with a bar code, so that you can keep track of your avatar. When a visitor holds this bar code to vt 1.0s scanner, his avatar receives a boost for a few rounds and it can improve its defenses against the enemy. If the avatar has died in the meantime, the development of the avatars life and the course of events leading to its death are conveyed.
In Tel Aviv, vt 1.0 was operational for approximately 70 hours. During this time 755 black and 504 white avatars were created and 1254 conflicts were carried out. The average avatar life span was three minutes.

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