prototypical interface construction
10 day workshop at the bauhaus kolleg dessau in cooperation with tim edler. During the workshop the colleagues created the interactive installation "Slap the Spider". It is a Computergame with a climbingwall as interface and game area. The Player has to climb the wall and "catch" little creatures which are projected onto the wall by touching them with his hands. It was exhibited at the garage festival in Stralsund. >>video
Dessau April/May 2002

club-transmediale 2002
• Videomix for Lalipuna
• "Clubtomatique" interactive installation
• Presentation of our VJ-Software "pixmix" and "movmix"
Berlin, E-Werk, Februar 2002

programming of the audio/videojukebox at the automatenbar
Berlin, permanent installation since january 2002

pixels festival
Strassbourg, Salle de la Bourse, Dezember 2001

sonic acts festival
virtual territory installation and VJ Performance
Amsterdam, Paradiso, Dezember 2001

VideA_2001 festival
VJ Performance
Barcelona, mercat de les flors, Oktober 2001

virtual terrytory 1.0
interaktiv Installation at the exhibition „novalog Tel Aviv – Berlin, New Media Experience“ at „Rachel and Israel Pollack Galery“,
May 2001 and "Staatsbank" Berlin, September 2001

transmediale 2001 festival
Audio/video installation:
Berlin, Podewil, Februar 2001

"draußen ist es kalt" Videoclip
disco fibel, toktok (WMFREC ep004) (VT page 409)
Berlin, Januar 2001 Festival Nürnberg
VJ Performance
November 2000

isea2000 Konferenz Paris
VJ Performance
Dezember 2000

"laufsteg" videoinstallation
at the exhibiton "01 No. 5"
PICTUREshow Galerie, Berlin and Gwand Fashion Show, Luzern September/Oktober 2000

on location festival
VJ Performance und slide-projections
Freiburg, E-Werk, Juli 2000

veejay-groove (part of the emaf Festival)
• interactive installation partyhelden
• VJ Performance
Berlin, "Maria am Ostbahnhof" , Mai 2000

club transmediale 2000
interactive installation "prontophot"
Berlin, Haus des Lehrers, Februar 2000

Berlin club video
interactive installation partyhelden (VT page 602)
Berlin, WMF, Johannisstrasse 20, November 1999

Flora&Fauna Lounge
interactive installation
Berlin, Museums Akademie , August 1999.

transmediale 1999
VJ Performance
Berlin, maria am ostbahnhof", Februar 1999

Videomixkonsole für 12 Bildschirme
Berlin, "club maria am ostbahnhof", November 1998

Several interactive installations:
• digitaldrinks bar
• inside pong
• I'm on TV
Berlin, congress center Alexanderplatz, August 1998

„Zoom in, save and exit”
Exhibition with the Honey-Suckle Company
Frieshuis Amerika, Amsterdam, Juni 1998

frequent VJ-performances and slide installations in sedveral Berlin clubs: WMF, Maria am Ostbahnhof, Casino, SO 36, Aroma, ....